Snorkeling – Private Trips

We Operate a Private Charter Snorkeling Service for visitors to Belize. In many cases private charter snorkel trips with us cost almost the same or less than regular crowded snorkel boats (depending on numbers). We include snorkel gear, snorkel vests, drinks and snacks. We even have a few prescription masks for near sighted people and a GREAT ladder.

Snorkeling is absolutely our favorite thing to do, Even after 10 years we still love to get wet in the ocean.

Let us take you on a few private snorkel trips. We have 10 years experience on the reef . We are a family of Scuba instructors so are well trained to assist the novice snorkelers. Generally the have day trips start at 8:30 am and 1:00 PM. Full day from 9:am to about 3:30pm. The full day trips offer a lot of options for the sites that you can visit.

Most of our trips are with family groups, friends or couples. We offer a nice relaxing snorkel trip with no set schedule. We are not about numbers to increase profit. We are about having fun and getting to know our customers. We supply sweet drinks and purified water on ice for the trip.

People with Special Needs – Because of the private service and the design of the boat and ladder we are sometimes asked if we can assist folks with special needs. If you have a person that needs special care, talk to us about it. Within reason we do our best to assist Our boat is large and comfortable with all safety equipment on board and we are all trained to use it. We even keep oxygen, first aid kit, cell phone and of course a VHF radio.

Our Service is unique in San Pedro, Belize. Here are our 4 most popular trips.

Hol Chan Marine Park and Shark Ray Alley – 2 stops

The Fish are fed here and not afraid of you. Close encounters are the norm. There’s a variety of fish….to many species to list. You can expect to see large Groupers, Snappers, perhaps Eagle Rays, multitudes of small beautifully colored fish. There is so very much life in this reserve.

Hol Chan is a natural break in the reef and as result attracts a wide variety of marine life. As mentioned we place place your group on the boat so you can have a real nice and relaxed excursion with friends alone. Half day trips rips take approx.3 hours.

Shark Ray Alley is a historic location where local fishermen cleaned their catch of the day.

This started the marine life hanging around the boats for scraps. They still do today as we feed them there.

Mexico Rocks

Mexico Rocks is 7 Miles north of San Pedro and is a large coral area close to the reef. You can expect to see nice corals there as well as a variety of smaller reef fish.
Dolphins come through on occasion as do Eagle Rays and StingRays. Because it is further from town it is generally less busy there.

Cruising The Reef – 2 or 3 stops

We think that this is great fun. We just go to the reef and drive along until we find an interesting looking spot. We anchor the boat in a sandy area and hop in to see what is there. We must confess that we are starting to find some favorite spots though. These trips usually find us alone on the reef and that is nice. This is a full day trip and we stop for a lunch break. 9am to 3:30pm would be the norm.

The Caye Caulker Trip – 2 stops

This is a great trip. We pick you up at 9 am and visit Hol Chan and Shark Ray Alley. Following that we take you to Caye Caulker for lunch (7 miles inside the Barrier Reef) Wandering, Shopping and Lunch or just soaking up the sun are the goals here. Then back to San Pedro by about 3:30 pm.