Diving Trips to the Blue Hole

Recreational Diving and Trips to the Blue Hole

The most important thing we can tell you is that we are not affiliated with any particular dive shop. We ONLY book with companies that have shown through history to be safe and conscientious, and that treat our customers well. We are a family of dive instructors and understand the logistics of the good dive shop. There are many cheap deals out there. Be careful. When you stay with us, we take personal responsibility to ensure you end up with a great company no matter what you wish to do. We consider the size of the boat, bathroom, comfort, safety equipment, the personality of the guides and general professionalism.

Belize Recreational Diving

Recreational Diving here in Belize is World Class. Most sites would be considered intermediate to advanced. Many elects to do two dives a day. Dives are usually done from beautiful open skiffs with bimini covers. They have ladders that drop into the water. Entry into the water is usually done by back roll entry or giant stride entry. The Underwater scenery is breathtaking. The reef here is a finger and groove type. You drop down usually in about 50 feet of water and then from there head into the coral canyons for the dive. High walls of coral rise on either side of you with swim throughs and tunnels below.

The exception to this would be a dive in Hol Chan Marine Park. This park is a 30-foot dive and has enormous numbers of fish. They are protected and are fed daily, so are not afraid of you. Jacks, Sharks, Groupers, Eels and so many others.

A highlight for any diver would be a trip to the Blue Hole. Once again let us look after this for you. There are only a couple of companies that we use for this trip.

The tour starts with a pick up on the dock (2-minute walk from the apartment) at 5:30 am. From there you go for a continental breakfast of coffee, fruit, rolls and toast where you’ll meet the other divers and get sorted out with gear. The boats we use are large and will have a walk out entry into the water.

The trip takes about 1.5 hours, and on arrival at the Blue, you descend to about 120-130 feet where you begin your tour through the stalactites.The Blue Hole is a cave whose roof fell in. There will be guides in the water with you to supervise and watch out for you. Lots of sharks are there to look at. Can you go if you are an open water diver? Yes, but let the guides know your experience level.

Blue Hole dive

After the Blue Hole dive and a long surface interval, you go for a picnic lunch at The BOOBIE Bird Sanctuary on the island of Half Moon Caye. Local foods are served by the guides. The afternoon will take you to two more dives on other sites around Turneff Atoll. These are the most pristine dives in the country, and many come back saying they enjoyed these places the best. By the way, if you need a disposable underwater camera, we sell them. You will return at approximately 5:30 pm to the same dock you were picked up on.

Try Diving

If you never have dove and would like to try now’s the time. Because you are in the apartment, this experience is very convenient. All the equipment and the pool for training is right there at your fingertips. You do not have to go anywhere for the training.

We are a family of Dive Instructors and can take care of you in a private and personal way. We only deal with people on an individual basis, so we have no schedule to meet.

This is a closely supervised experience. The day starts with a short 30-minute lecture, and from there we go poolside where we teach you the equipment and get you into the water. There are a few skills that you need to master. If you have any difficulty. No problem we will take the time you need.

In some cases, there is a small hurdle to overcome. If so we do the class and pool in one day and the dive the next.

If all goes well we can dive that day at a location that we select, Either Hol Chan Marine Park or Mexico Rocks. Our choice of dive sites is based on Tide Tables (Hol Chan must dive when the tides are coming into shore), weather, your comfort level, and other factors.