Trips & Tours

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

Under the water is truly breathtaking here on Ambergris Caye. The water is a warm 82 degrees year around! You can snorkel or dive at the same site every day and each time see new fish or snorkel new sites each day. And with a plethora of areas to scuba or snorkel the possibilities are endless. Needless to say, with the second largest barrier reef in the world, Ambergris Caye has some of the most fantastic diving in the world. This is the diving experience that brings divers back again and again. Tour operators can take you on local dives on the reef, or boat you off to even more exotic locals, such as the Great Blue Hole.

For millions of years the Blue Hole was a dry cave and for this period, huge stalactites and stalagmites slowly formed. When the last ice age ended thousands of years ago, sea levels rose about 300′ covering the cave. At some time the ceiling collapsed leaving the hole you can see today. When diving the Blue Hole, you swim under what is left of the old ceiling to view the remaining stalactites and stalagmites. It’s a journey back in geologic history and unlike any other dive you’ll ever do. Maximum depth of the Blue Hole dive is 130′.

Sailing in Belize

Sail along on a Belizean Breeze while the magnificent frigate birds soar overhead. What a way to reach a snorkeling destination like Hol Chan Marine Reserve or the world famous Shark Ray Alley! Also popular are sailing trips to our sister island of Caye Caulker, Sunset or Sunrise Romantic Sails or even the amazing Manatee watch tours.

Mainland Belize Adventures

From exploring amazing Mayan Ruins, to discovering a pristine Wildlife Refuge to floating blissfully through the underground Caves systems of the Belizean Jungle there are adventures to suit every taste on the mainland of Belize.

There are several fascinating day trips to Maya ruins in both Belize and nearby Guatemala. We find that most of our guests include at least one trip to the ruins. Altun Ha, also known as the Jungle River Trip is a popular destination. Travel by boat to the mainland and up the jungle river; transfer to a van for the trip to Altun Ha. This is a chance to learn a bit of history of the ancient Maya and see rural Belize. Much of the wood carving from Belize is made in this area. You may find some that you would like to take home. You will stop for lunch at Maruba, a jungle lodge with a distinctly different flavor. You pay for lunch, but there is no charge for swimming or even horseback riding, so go prepared.

Another popular adventure is the Lamanai Mayan Ruins tour. This trip combines Mayan ruins, the tiny village of Bomba where most of Belize’s wood carving comes from and a river trip that is teeming with wildlife. Your guide will share with you a lifetime of knowledge about Belize. Birdwatchers – this one’s for you!

The Cave Tubing adventure on the Sibun River winds through an amazing series of caves in the Maya Mountains. The caves had a very important role in the life of the ancient Maya as your well-trained guide will tell you. The trip includes an excellent guided tour of the Belize Zoo and Education Center and a float down the river to explore five incredible caves. An hour of hiking under the canopy of lush rainforest to the entrance of the cave system gives you a first-hand look at beautiful Cayo District and affords ample opportunities to see tropical birds and other wildlife. Glide past entrances from above, filtering mists of jungle light, as you float through underground river caves sparkling with mica-studded stalactites and stalagmites and filled with 1,000-year-old pottery shards, statues of fertility gods and Mayan footprints.

Or, visit the birding wonderland that is Crooked Tree Wild Life Sanctuary. This is a trip of a lifetime. Later, when you think back and begin to recall the birds you saw, you’ll begin to shake your head. Could you really have seen so many species? Yes, absolutely! Everywhere we turned there were more birds to behold. The elusive agame heron, the red-lored parrot, and the grooved-billed ani. Everyone birder should be sure to visit Crooked Tree.

What Else is in Belize?

Don’t forget fishing, biking, swimming, stargazing, walking along the shore and hammock time! Enjoy biking along the sandy roads of Ambergris Caye. The lower part of the island is 6 miles long and taking a trip on the bikes is the best way to see it. We also have amazing fishing, with expert local guides available for hire to help you find the big catch!

These recommendations are based on personal experience and feedback from our previous Belize villa guests. Many of the trips require a minimum of people for the trip to go. By contacting us we can help get groups together. Also, if a guide calls with a change we can make sure this information reaches you.